Together we overcome barriers for a sustainable future

1. The Environment? It is our common home

We are together on the same planet, an Earth with environmental limits and delicate ecosystems full of interdependencies. The common home requires knowledge, respect, investment and common efforts. At Politejo we are fully aware that sustainability is a fundamental imperative, and therefore present in our daily actions.

2. Plastics: New Approach

Plastic was one of the great innovations of the 20th century and it is part of human daily life all over the world. It is in construction - especially infrastructure - but also in health, transport, clothing and food.
It is practical, light, cheap, versatile and, above all, very useful. However, despite its many advantages, the way it has been used in the past has had a negative impact on the environment, particularly on the oceans. Therefore, the way we use plastic has changed and today there is a broad consensus on the responsible use of this fundamental raw material.

3. Politejo: Environmental Responsibility

The essence of the organisation we have become is more environmentally sustainable, more technological and more innovative. The circular economy for plastics is a goal on our horizon, where our solutions respond by generating value, in an agile and flexible manner, following logic of integrity, Independence and strong environmental sustainability.
We are counting on you today, because together we can overcome barriers to a sustainable future!