Happy 45th anniversary!

Happy 45th anniversary!
Politejo has been developing and manufacturing solutions for 45 years that improve the living conditions of populations, contributing to the preservation of the environment.

Politejo Tubes

PE-100 RC for the underwater outfall of the Os Praceres wastewater treatment plant in Pontevedra

The pipe was manufactured in diameters ranging from 900 mm to 1100 mm for the overland section, while a diameter of 1400 mm and a wall thickness of 60 mm were used for the underwater section.
This pipe is part of the Os Praceres wastewater treatment plant and is anchored to the seabed of the Ria de Pontevedra, extending for 2.9 km.
In addition to the pipe, diffusers, flanges, and pipe supports have also been supplied.
The manufacture of this large diameter pipe has posed technical and logistical challenges for Politejo, as transportation had to be done by land in sections of 17 meters from our production center in Azambuja (Lisbon, Portugal) to the port of Pontevedra (Spain), and manufacturing and delivery times had to be adapted to the project's needs.
The pipe sections were joined on land at the port by butt welding, as were the pipe support joints.

Economic Protocol

Economic Protocol

Politejo signs in Porto, at Casa Pernambucana de Portugal, a Protocol of Intention for a new project in Northeast Brazil, with the support of the Pernambucano Government and Adepe.

Tubo PEAD DN2000