General conditions of Sale



1- General dispositions

1.1- Politejo S.A. sales of materials and services are ruled by the special conditions of each supply, by these general conditions and by the applicable law.

1.2- The acceptance of Politejo S.A. products implies the adhesion, without reservation, to the conditions here described, being the customer responsible for its knowledge. Any conditions that contradict the present ones will be rejected or expressly negotiated.

2- Orders

2.1- All orders must be made and presented to Politejo S.A. in writing (fax, email, order form or quotation). Orders placed by phone (without any written document) will be accepted. However, Politejo S.A. is not responsible for any mistakes that may arise due to communication difficulties.

2.2- Making an order to Politejo S.A. implies that the customer is bound to these sales conditions, without any reservations, considering any contrary clauses in the orders as not valid.

3- Prices

3.1- The Price List may be altered without prior notice (P.V.P.). Prices are subject to the VAT rate in force under the tax law

4- Taxes

4.1- The taxes and charges inherent in the sale are of the sole responsibility of the customer.

5- Invoicing

5.1- Credit Sales

a) Goods remain the property of Politejo S.A. until all invoices and debits resulting from these sales have been settled.

b) These sales are considered due 30 days after their date of issue unless otherwise agreed in writing.

c) Politejo S.A. reserves the right to charge interest at the maximum legal rate for days of delay in payment.

e) In case of litigation, the competent court is that of Cartaxo.

6- Returns

6.1- All claims related to the delivery of our goods must be reported within 8 (eight) days of receipt. After this period, the goods are considered accepted.

6.2- Complaints will be analysed case by case and Politejo S.A. reserves the right not to take them.

6.3- We only accept returns with the previous agreement of our services and never in periods superior to 8 (eight) days from the date of the Delivery Note.

6.4- Returned materials must have intact packaging and show no signs of use.

6.5- In any case, it is essential to refer to our supply documents.

6.6- Failure to comply with any of these clauses will imply a penalty of the Invoice value.

6.7- The returned goods will always be accompanied by a return note, in duplicate, which must contain the reason for the return and the elements required by article 35 of the VAT Code.

7- Payment Conditions

7.1- All payments beyond the due date of the invoice are subject to interest at the general rate in force.

8- Insurance

8.1- As from August 1st 2012, all operations are covered by credit insurance. The attribution of credit ceilings and compliance with payment deadlines shall obey the limits stipulated by the credit insurer, with the implications arising therefrom.

8.2- Failure to comply with the credit conditions will result in the immediate suspension of our credit supplies.

8.3- It is a mandatory condition that the first two purchases are invoiced and paid for in cash without any restrictions as to their value.

9- Property Reservation

9.1- The products sold remain the property of Politejo S.A. until full payment by the buyer, regardless of whether they have been sold or transferred to third parties.

10- Packing and Transport

10.1- When transport is not made by Politejo S.A. vehicles, goods travel at the carrier's risk.

10.2- The shipping order of the goods, acknowledged and accepted, on departure, without guarantee of defect, will be considered as a formal and definitive approval. No contestation regarding the choice of carrier or means of transport may be raised.

11- Delivery Deadlines

11.1- All deadlines indicated as delivery deadlines are subject to confirmation. Politejo S.A. is not responsible for delays in the delivery of orders if they are due to delays from our Raw Material suppliers or to incorrect information from the customers.

11.2- Delivery times are agreed upon case by case, respecting deliveries by zones, previously defined. These deadlines correspond to the availability of the goods at the customer's facilities. In particular cases, other delivery locations may be agreed upon.

12- Non-Compliance

12.1- The lack of compliance or defective compliance with the provisions of this contract, namely the non-payment of invoices on their due dates or the return or non-payment on time of bills and/or cheques for the settlement of invoicing, implies for the customer:

a.) The loss to Politejo S.A. of all amounts already paid;

b.) The obligation to return to Politejo, S.A. the goods that they hold provisionally, this document serving as an enforcement order for the enforcement action of delivery of a certain thing, without prejudice to the simultaneous claim for payment of the amounts due.

c) The obligation to reimburse Politejo S.A. for all the losses it has suffered as a result of cheques and/or bills of exchange being returned.

12.2- In the event that the buyer does not pay any accepted bill and/or cheque on its due date, all other securities with later due dates will be considered immediately past due, and Politejo S.A. may immediately start the respective enforcement action.

12.3- This can be freely decided when the customer has overdue amounts or has exceeded the ceiling or for any other reasons deemed relevant.

12.4- Customers who do not comply with the deadlines and other payment conditions are automatically considered in default, without any warning. In such a case, they lose the right to the discounts they have benefited from or may come to benefit from, such as Rappel.

They shall be liable to pay default interest at the rate established by law for commercial default, increased by 4%.

13- Technical and After-Sales Support

13.1-Technical support will only be given if requested by the customer.

13.2- The opinion of Politejo S.A. technicians is only binding regarding the quality of the product.

13.3- Politejo S.A. is not responsible for any advice given by them regarding the installation of the product, or regarding the quality or deficiency of the project, since our technicians are only trained to evaluate the quality of the product. Ex: designers, installers, supervision, owner of works, etc.

13.4- Therefore any opinion not related to the supplied product cannot be taken as binding for any decision making, nor be used in case of litigation against Politejo, S.A.

14- Information:

- Politejo S.A. reserves the right to change the information content of catalogues, technical information and internet site without prior notice.

- Politejo S.A. cannot be held responsible for omissions or errors existing in the technical documentation, catalogues or Internet site.

- The calculations and examples of calculations presented in the technical documentation, catalogues and internet site are merely indicative and not binding.